Thursday, December 15, 2005

web comments extention for firefox

I've seen various attempts at this in the past, but the new Blogger Web Comments extension for Firefox might finally pull it off. Several past web services have given users the ability to add comments to web pages that can be viewed by all other users of the service, but these "metacomments" were stored at the service provider's site. I think these early experiments failed 'cause no one service ever became big enough to dominate the space.

This new extension, however, approaches this problem by searching the data space where many folks are already commenting on web pages: their blogs. The search capabilities of Google are leveraged to pull all blog entries for the page you are currently viewing in Firefox. I've tried it out with several web sites already and found several interesting postings already.

As an extra bonus, if you use Blogger, the little comment viewer box includes a link to let you add comments directly to your own blog! I used it to create this entry...


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